Why Do You Need A Wedding Minister?

By Dr. David Trumble

What makes the right wedding minister for your wedding? What qualifications do you want in your wedding minister?

Consider the character of your wedding minister. Does he demonstrate professionalism, confidence, good communication skills, and a considerate helpful attitude?

Will just anybody do for your wedding? You decide. Remember you can choose a clunker, mediocre, or a super star wedding minister.

Before you agree to employ a wedding minister, be sure they are fully authorized by your state. Some states have very restrictive rules on who may perform weddings, and you want to be sure.

What kind of wedding minister do you want? In most cases, the wedding minister represents a particular set of traditions, values, and teachings. If you are a Roman Catholic, you will probably prefer a Catholic Priest to officiate your wedding. If you are a Christian, a Christian minister may be desired. If you grew up as a Baptist, look for a Baptist minister. Avoid wedding minister who represent traditions and values that are in significant conflict with your own. The messages communicated by your wedding minister will reflect his background and allegiances.

Some ministers use a prescribed wedding ceremony and resist making any changes. This makes it easy for everyone because, the tried and tested ceremony keeps everything in order.

Uniquely personalized wedding ceremonies require a wedding minister who is willing to work with the wedding couple with flexibility.

Your whole wedding depends on your wedding minister. His words express the theme and content of the wedding ceremony, but he does much more. He manages the flow of the ceremony, guides the participants, and facilitates every aspect of the ceremony.

In a perfect world, the marriage and family values are communicated by your wedding minister in ways that are both meaningful and helpful. He is responsible to society and his religious traditions, but he should also express the values to which you are committing yourselves. Use him as a resource to help you understand your commitments. Look to him for guidance and encouragement.

An elegant formal wedding will require your wedding minister to facilitate stylish ceremony elements, wording, and movements. An informal wedding will require the wedding minister to foster a relaxed atmosphere in which participants can be themselves and enjoy the ceremony.

Ultimately, you are in charge. You choose the wedding minister who will help you achieve your dream wedding. He manages the legalities, the traditions, and the coordination, but he does so in cooperation with the wedding couple. Together you can achieve the kind of wedding you really want with as much personalization as you wish.

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