European Castle Wedding Are The New Fad

By Stephen Henry

It seems nowadays that couples looking to get married in a romantic setting are choosing to do so in castles. Perhaps the thought of long ago days of chivalry and romance are the influence for this trend towards Wedding Castles. Flowery gowns and medieval settings add to the overall aura and feeling of turning back the hands of time.

European castles in countries such as England, Scotland, Spain, France, Switzerland and Italy are opening their doors to hold weddings in their previously mostly privately owned halls. Celebrities such as Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, who recently tied the knot in a castle near Rome are making this trend very fashionable. You or your wedding planner must have plenty of lead time to arrange the day, as waiting lists can be months long.

Castles evolved from small wooden structures to magnificent stone castles of today because of the rivalry between countries in Europe. The architecture was influenced and a battle for the best resulted in large structures able to support armies for extended periods of time which were self sufficient in every way.

Your medieval castle wedding can be as authentic as the planning allows. Book the castle, but make sure you also plan the period music, costumes, and mood lighting such as torches. Find actors who can help by bringing the time period to life with their speech and actions. A period wedding can be a great deal of fun for everyone involved and can help turn your special day into a memorable event that everyone remembers forever.

Authentic medieval feasts were quite elaborate, and did not discriminate as to the social status of the bride and groom. Often up to six courses were served. This fact alone begs to be turned into a themed wedding day. A wide variety of meats, vegetables and fruits can be called time-appropriate to this end, as well as napkin and glassware selections. Napkins became very popular in the Middle Ages due to the fact that most people ate with their fingers.

Why not wow your guests into a whirlwind wedding that none of them will ever forget? Wedding castles are all the rage, and with so many options to chose from, you can transform your modern wishes into 12th century magic.

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