Wedding Tips For Saving On The Photography Bill

By Judy Wong

Sometimes the cost of wedding photography can be high in price. Not everyone can afford extremely high priced photos of their perfect day. By following these few simple budgeting ideas you can save money on wedding photography.

Advertising for a photographer

An excellent place to advertise is at a local college or university They will have fresh skills and ideas when it comes to wedding photography, and they will cost a lot less.

Go digital

Instead of getting prints done, go digital. This will save you a profuse amount of money. Photographers now offer this as an alternative to choose from. Get a CD rather then prints and proofs of all your pictures. Online photo developers can be a lot cheaper so it is a good idea to look into them.

Create your own wedding album

A great way to personalize all your pages in your album is to try scrap booking. No one will know your wedding and guests like you do. This way you can go through all of your photos and reflect on the memories. You will enjoy creating your album and not only that, you will also save hundreds of dollars opposed to having your photographer design an album, and they may not include pictures that your friends sent you as well.

Watch the time

How long do you really need your photographer around you? Instead of having them come with you when you re getting your hair done, make up done, and dress sized just get them to come for the ceremony and a bit of the celebration afterwards. A great way to get pictures of the bride preparing for the wedding is to have the bridesmaids take the photos.

21st Century - use disposables!

Another excellent idea is disposable cameras. After everything is said and done all you have to do is drop them off at a photo development outlet, then go through the ones you really like and make larger prints for frames around your house. You will probably end up getting a few funny photos but a lot of wonderful ones as well. This will also give you a wide variety of pictures because your guests will be taking pictures of each other and not just at the bride and groom. This will add detail to your album.

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