Traditional Cushion Cut Diamonds

By Paul Easton

Are you a girl who appreciates the splendors of love and romance with a hint of tradition? If so, Cushion cut diamonds for your engagement or wedding ring will suit you perfectly.

These diamonds are minimally shaped like a rectangular with rounded edging and were admired in the in the 17th century, while enjoying growing curiosity even as we come within reach of the 21st century.

It is also known as pillow or candlelight cut diamonds' popularity can be attributed to the fact that most women prefer to wear something that's romantic but still pleasing to the modern eye.

Cushion cut diamonds offer a softer shine when compared to the extreme glitter and sparkle of most modern cuts.

The cut is a more dated yet highly fashionable choice closely resembling that of an oval and old mine cut; a cut with deep, substantially sized facets which enjoyed popularity during the 19th century.

Since the 1830's, most diamonds were cut in this traditional form for more than 70 years. This made this specific cut one of the loved and preferred amongst woman and men for decades.

This classic cut without a doubt stands head and shoulders above any other cut on the market today's, which is full of a selection of exquisite diamond cuts.

Until recently, you may have searched at estate sales or auctions for older versions of this design.

However, with the immense growth in popularity, most diamond dealers now sell cushion cut diamonds.

The diamond's smooth appearance comes from the substantial facets size, depth, and a facet at the diamond's bottom.

It's essential not to get tricked by the designs simple shape, the cut comprises of numerous angles and proportions which are via a very complicated mathematical formula, cut to reflect light from one facet to another, almost like mirrors. The reflected light is then re-reflected to the stones' top.

Cushion cut diamond standards vary from one diamond cutter to another, which means that you'll find some cuts that are perfectly square while other are more of a rectangular shape.

The amount of light reflection usually boils down to the bride-to-be's preference. Every stone will vary in table size as well as depth percentages. While looking for your perfect ring always remember to give consideration to the essential four C's.

While slipping a cushion cut diamond engagement ring on your fiance's finger, be sure that you have candlelight to bring the best of this exquisite cut, while reflecting your special moment and the start of a new life together.

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