Choosing Wedding Bands: Celtic Wedding Bands

By Liam Grant

Couples who have dated and then become engaged have many decisions to make at that moment in their lives. What are their goals? How will they be able to afford a home and a life together? Do they want children? How many? Traditionally, little girls have planned their weddings many years in advance. Together as a couple makes determinations about their new life together, they will choose which wedding ring will best symbolize their union. Celtic wedding bands are chosen by couples because of their beauty, what the art itself means, and because they are classic.

Couples choose Celtic rings often based upon their unique beauty alone. Uniform loops, knots, and tridents are often found in Celtic design. Although they are generally created by simple lines, they often can become quite complex and ornate. Recently, whimsical lines and interlinking hearts have been included in some Celtic art. Unlike some designs, these can be studied for a time without becoming old and boring.

Couples choose Celtic wedding rings to symbolize where they came from. Many people with European heritage also have Celtic roots. As a series of tribes speaking a similar language, they were not necessarily a nation. Britain, Ireland, Spain, Germany and Italy were all inhabited by Celts at some point. When couples are proud of their European roots, they often choose Celtic rings to honor that link. These Celtic bands are also chosen based upon the culture which they represent. Particular countries with strong Celtic influences like Ireland and the United Kingdom are often close to a couples heart.

Celtic designs are popular with couples because they have lasting value. This value comes from having withstood the test of centuries of time. Celtic wedding bands insure that couples will not feel their rings are outdated. As the marriage they are entering into, their rings should also be viewed as long term.

While the choice of a wedding ring does not indicate how the marriage will work, it does say a lot about the common ground a couple has. Wedding rings represent the beauty of today and the hope of tomorrow. Couples represent through their rings, what excites them. When a couple shares interest in music, art, and culture, they are likely to grow together in the years ahead.

Celtic cultures and art thrive today, people from around the globe often look to Celtic art of the past to receive inspiration for their own art. The elegant simplicity and beauty of Celtic wedding bands is one reason couples choose them to symbolize their union. Couples also choose these rings because of the heritage and honor they represent. Celtic art has proven to be timeless and couples who choose Celtic rings ensure their rings will remain something they can be proud of for years to come.

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