Wedding Memories Of Your Kids

By David Trumble
Your wedding and reception can be fun and exciting. When you include kids in your wedding, some wonderful things can happen. They may be included in all kinds of activities, special service, as Junior attendants, flower girls, ring bearer, or as guests.
Underfoot, troublesome, kids are how many think of kids attending a wedding. It can be a problem. kids are always looking for something to keep their attention. If you do not give it to them they will find something to do on their own. Usually the things they find are not what you want them to find.

Okay, let us presume you are going to include little ones at least as guests to your wedding. What do you do with them?Tip : Have appropriate adult supervision for kids in rooms where they can be apart from the adult activities. Make it fun for everyone. Provide child appropriate activities. Children love to color, draw, play with play dough, watch cartoons, and many other easy to do activities. Avoid moments where little ones lack direction.Can you imagine what it would be like four or five years after your marriage celebration to have older little ones reminiscing over a fantastic kids event you held at your wedding?

Instead, of thinking just of the usual childcare issues, think outside the box. Imagine a fantastic kids event maybe with magic, music, or friendly clowns. You can make a big impact. A blended family may find it especially meaningful to include the kids in responding to the "pledges", by adding an appropriate set of questions to the parents and then to the children. The kids respond "I do".

The little ones of blended families need to be included, if at all possible, in the marriage celebration with vows that include children. The wedding is launching a marriage, but it is also launching a family. Therefore it is appropriate to include the kids in the marriage celebration vows.Your wedding reception can be an exciting family event by including the kids in your activities. Be sure to protect them from potentially inappropriate situations. Provide added activity supports like coloring books for smaller children, but be sure to include the children in as much of the activity as possible including the dancing. This is not only cute to watch, and could be entertaining as well, but it will bring a smile to the face of every grandma and grandpa

Children want to be loved, appreciated, noticed, and included. They are eager to help out in whatever way adults can imagine. So, give them special things to do. Tap their energies. Let them feel they are making a contribution as well. They might help decorate, hand out flowers, distribute programs, and anything else you can imagine.
You may be called upon to include little ones in your marriage celebration even if you have planned otherwise. Often parents will bring their little ones with them, and resent even the slightest suggestion that part of their family is not welcome. Therefore, minimize the situation and expect the parent to care for their children. At the same time, take a few precautions. Have one or more of your ushers remain available to assist as needed before, during, and following the ceremony.

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